Need NoSQL database for analytics.

Given: Large, partitioned Postgres(9.4) tables, with next structure:

  - device_id: UUID
  - monitored_date: TIMESTAMP
  - properties: jsonb (different keys)

(Tables are insert-only, but DB is OLTP)


  - load data to analytical database
  - store as-is
  - aggregate properties by device_id and by month\day\hour
  - forward aggregated data to BI (while as-is data still must be available for some analytics)

Looking for DB which can scale horizontally, on-permise, free\open-source\etc. Estimated load is 100 Million rows daily. ETL two times per day, window - 10 minutes for load and aggregation.

P.S. Also already have DWH on Greenplum, but it doesn't fit for this kind of tasks.

Any advice is appreciated!

  • « Need NoSQL database for analytics ». So you ask for advice about which NoSQL database to use - but you have already decided that a NoSQL database (any of them) is necessary, and that a relational database will not do. Can you share how you came to that decision ? Or to put it simpler, why would PostgreSQL not do the job ? – Albert Godfrind Aug 9 '19 at 21:18

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