Every query I run in SSMS append the annoying message: "Completion time:...".

How can I disable that text?


In SSMS 18.3, they added the option to turn off the completion time.

Tools > Options > Query Execution > SQL Server > Advanced.

Uncheck the Show Completion Time checkbox.

Start a new query window and execute something... No completion time after query finishes. Yay!


The completion time message was added in SSMS 18.2


I don't believe there is a way to turn it off


This a 2 step process.

1)Tools > Options > Query Execution > SQL Server > Advanced - Uncheck: Display Execution Time

2)Close the query window and open an new one. If you don't do this it will always show. This drove me nuts as I had a long proc and I could not get it to stop until I closed and re-opened.

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    Isn't this saying the same as the accepted answer from two years back?
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    Jul 19 at 18:47

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