I am wondering what's the best and most effective way to import csv's stored in a local folder into DB w/ in SSMS.

Folder path- C:\Users\ngutierrez\Desktop\Open_Air_Tables

Folder contains about 30 csv files. Each time these csv's are updated I need the DB to reflect the changes.

  • Welcome to DBA SE, please see this question stackoverflow.com/questions/16076309/… – kevinnwhat Aug 12 '19 at 21:39
  • @kevinwhat - I am pretty new to the space. I copied that code and input my folder path and it didn't seem to work in my instance of SSMS. Wonder what I am doing wrong – NicolasGutierrezToD Aug 13 '19 at 2:01
  • Also, this Folders houses CSV's of many different Objects with different structures. Thus, I would need to extract those tables and load them into a database. I am trying to not have to request SSIS but it seems like that's my only route. – NicolasGutierrezToD Aug 13 '19 at 2:34

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