In SSRS-2016, I am trying to change the Reporting services report service mode from Native to integrated.

I added 2 new shared features to existing installation (See in the Pic)

- List item

I am trying to change the report server mode from native to integrated. I opened Reporting services configuration manager and add new report serve and add a database I am seeing just native mode option.

I am not seeing integrated option.

enter image description here

could you please suggest me on how I can make the report server mode to integrated?

I don't see that option. (I restarted after installing the 2 features)


You might be able to do this by creating a new ReportServer database and choosing integrated mode as mentioned here rather than going through a full re-install.

  • I tried to but I am not seeing the integrated mode option . – user3325655 Aug 20 '19 at 13:13

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