Just wondering if anyone has come across this scenario and can provide some advice.

We have a vendor application that only runs on SQL Server Reporting Services 2014. However, all of our other applications support SQL Server 2017.

Can I setup SSRS 2014 on a separate server, but have the database residing on the SQL Server 2017 server?

Cheers Phil

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According to Docs, you can run a version of SSRS and host the database on lower versions of SQL Server, but there doesn't appear to be explicit support for running the DB on higher versions.


Just to provide a follow-up to this in case anyone is looking to do the same thing.

We've been running SSRS 2014 with the database residing on a separate SQL 2017 instance for over three weeks now without any adverse effects.

Do bear in mind that as HandyD has stated above, this is not explicitly supported and we're running it in a non-production environment.

Cheers Phil

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