I'm trying to do a dump of a table in PostgreSQL via pgAdmin3. When I try to run the the following command:

pg_dump -t schema.table_name database_name > chosen_save_name.sql

it errors out and just points to the first character.

I've gone to File -> Options -> Binary Paths -> PG bin path and verified that the pg_dump is in there (listed as pg_dump.exe).

What am I doing wrong here?

  • You're not trying to run the pg_dump utility from the SQL query editor, are you? You probably want this. – mustaccio Aug 16 '19 at 19:20
  • That's exactly what I was doing, haha. Can you explain what I should be doing differently? I'm using pgAdmin3, not 4, and I'm using a desktop application, not a webapp. My program looks pretty different from yours, so I'm not sure how to get to the same screen. – Kulahan Aug 19 '19 at 18:04

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