My data set has the following where clause:

WHERE a11.PDPOID LIKE '%' + @POID + '%'

My parameter @POID properties are set to single value. The report works, but if I change the parameter properties to allow multiple values then I get an error:

Query execution failed for dataset 'DataSetDtRcvd'. incorrect syntax near ','.

A screen shot of the report's parameter properties

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • Have you seen this question on Stack Overflow? It looks like the values for the parameter are passed as a comma-delimited list, which will break if you splice it into a LIKE predicate. Aug 22, 2019 at 18:59
  • It seems like you are going to provide a list of values then why do you use LIKE '%' + @POID + '%' ? For the list of values you need to do WHERE a11.PDPOID IN (@POID). Aug 22, 2019 at 19:25

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You're running into this problem because of the difference in how SSRS passes multi-value parameters when using a text query vs. using a stored procedure for your dataset.

When using a text query, the parameter is actually replaced with a literal list of strings before executing the query, e.g. PDPOID IN (@PDPOID) is translated to PDPOID IN ('aaa', 'bbb', 'ccc') (assuming you've selected 'aaa', 'bbb', and 'ccc').

For a stored procedure, the selected values are turned into a comma-separated list, and passed as a single string/character parameter. So if your stored procedure has a parameter named @PDPOID, then the parameter would be set to the single value 'aaa,bbb,ccc'.

The easiest way to make this work is to change your report to use a stored procedure for the query, then use the STRING_SPLIT function (or a suitable homebrew string splitting function if you're running a version older than SQL Server 2016). For example:

    @POID varchar(max)

FROM POs a11
WHERE EXISTS (SELECT p.value FROM STRING_SPLIT(@POID,',') p WHERE a11.PDPOID LIKE '%' + p.value + '%')

You could achieve this by changing your dataset query to an expression and use the Join operator on the multi-valued parameter, for example, your expression would look like

= "Select * " &
  "from table t " &
  "where a11.PDPOID LIKE '%" & Join(Parameters!TestParm.Label, "%' OR a11.PDPOID LIKE 
  '%") & "%'"

Replace the Select * from table t with your query.

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