We have an Amazon RDS SQL Server Web Edition on Windows Server 2012 with 2 processors and 8GB RAM. Should I configure the Max Memory similar to that of an instance on a local server i.e keeping back 3-4GB for OS, memory pool etc. or does RDS require a different calculation?

  • I can't answer you, but bear in mind AWS Lambda serverless facilities are actually run by AWS instances running the same Amazon Linux your EC2 instances run, and that probably a very similar thing happens at RDS instances. – 48347 Aug 26 at 21:04

No, I wouldn't treat this any differently than you would an on-prem instance with regards to max server memory. The Windows Server 2012 box is almost certainly a VM, but hopefully Amazon is a managing that well to avoid VM problems.

I would definitely reserve 3 GB at minimum for the OS and other overhead.

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