I want to search into the result of this query.

cursor(select * from table(dbms_xplan.display_awr(sql_id,
plan_hash_value,null,'all +outline +peeked_binds'))) "PLAN" 
from gv$sql 
where sql_id='3cu6fsfskqgst'

This query give us the plan of a select execution

{<PLAN_TABLE_OUTPUT=SQL_ID 3cu6fsfskqgst>,
PLAN_TABLE_OUTPUT=-------------------->,<PLAN_TABLE_OUTPUT = 
Select count(*) ................................................ 
Degree of Parallelism is 4 because of hint>,<PLAN_TABLE_OUTPUT=   - 
SQL patch "patch_forzar_paralelo4_tcarga" used for this statement>, 

But I only want to show this piece of the string

SQL patch "patch_forzar_paralelo4_tcarga"

The "string" is not always the same.

Can I cut this piece of the string and show it into the screen?. I want to use only sql execution (not plSql).


  • What parts of the string are constant? Would SQL patch " till the next double quote sufficient to identify it? – Vérace Sep 2 at 14:47
  • From "SQL patch" some text and finished by ">" – estonolose Sep 2 at 15:23

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