I'm having one AG with two nodes (active-passive) in one data center and another AG with two nodes (active-passive) in a different data center.

I need to have log shipping enabled between these two setups, so that a DR situation can be handled.

Most articles are advising to have 1 node in DR. however, for HA, i need to have a AG in DR.

So, with this config, can log shipping be achieved? can you please guide on how to achieve that as well?


  • What edition of SQL Server 2016? – HandyD Sep 5 '19 at 5:28

I believe, log-shipping would not work in your case (AG1 ot AG2), due to following reasons.

  1. Database cannot be restored while it's already part of AG/Mirroring
  2. Basically, Log-shipping does backups on primary replica, and restores on secondary replica with defined interval time

Log-Shipping would be good choice when Secondary replica in Log shipping topology is standalone and same version as primary SQL Instance. i.e. Your Data-center-1 AG act as primary replica and Standalone Instance at Data-center-2 act as secondary replica.

While you implementing Log-shipping for a Database that is already part of AG, you need to ensure that the Backup preference cannot be set to secondary within AG as the log-shipping cannot work with secondary backup copies from AG. In your case AG of Data-center-1.

Since you already have Availability Groups in-place with SQL 2016 in two sub-nets, distributed AG might be correct solution.

You may follow these reference in either case:
Distributed Availability Groups
Log-shipping from AG Database

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