my question is about NF1 what is best practice to store book volumes in table .

for example mostly it is like bookname = abc volume= 1 ect but some time it is abc volume 1-2.

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In my experience it's best to have the title in its current full form. That being said, I would have the volume in the title field as simply the volume, without stating how many volumes are in the series. "History of Rome volume 1"

If I put it in as "History of Rome volume 1-2" then if a third volume was added, I would have to update each title to account for the new number of volumes in the series.

A second approach could be adding a new field for the number of volumes in the series, which would list the total number. It would still have to be updated if a third volume was written, but is a smaller impact to update an integer field from 2 to 3, than to update the varchar field of the book title.

  • in table if i add volume field it will store 1-2 which in not atomic value.
    – Taqi
    Sep 6, 2019 at 17:54

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