I want to be able to read all XE files for a dynamic XE session name. My XE session stores files to disk.

I have the query below

SELECT  @Path = (
                    SELECT  CONVERT(XML,target_data).value('(/EventFileTarget/File/@name)[1]', 'NVARCHAR(MAX)') AS [Path]
                    FROM    sys.dm_xe_sessions s
                            JOIN sys.dm_xe_session_targets t
                                ON s.address = t.event_session_address
                    WHERE   s.name = @XeName

SELECT  event_data = CONVERT(XML, event_data) 
FROM    sys.fn_xe_file_target_read_file(@Path, NULL, NULL, NULL)

However, the target_data column in sys.dm_xe_session_targets only shows the most recent file in the format C:\Trace Outputs\MyXE\MyXE_0_132109395357410000.xel

but I need it to be C:\Trace Outputs\MyXE\MyXE*.xel

I can do this using some string functions to find the first _ after the last \ and replace that and all the text after with *.xel but I wondered if there was a nicer / easier way to do this than a load of nested string manipulation functions

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