OS: Windows 10

PostgreSQL 11.4

I Installed PgAgent with Stackbuilder setup.

In Windows services; PostgreServer service is running. However, the pgAgent service is stopped. When I try to start pgAdmin service from there I get this error message:

The PostgreSQL Scheduling Agent - pgAgent service on Local Computer started and then stopped. 
Some services stop automatically if they are not in use by other services or programs. 

I have the pgAgent service to log On As -->LocalSystem (Note, I have also tried to change it to an windows administrator account)

When opening pgAdmin 4 I can see the pgAgent Jobs tab as well as create jobs.

Acording to the description on this page ,one should create an extension as well. However, when pgAgent was installed , there wasen't copied any extension files to %\PostgreSQL\11\share\extension so I can not create the extension in pgAdmin

Any advice on how I get the pgAgent service to run my jobs I have createn in pg Admin?

EDIT: On This thread They state that editing pgpass.conf in c:/user/user/AppData/postgresql helped. I have no such folder nore file. The only postgres related folders I've found under C:\Users is C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\pgAdmin


  • I opened CMD as an admin and run cd %APPDATA% to find correct folder.

  • I created the pgpass.conf inside newly created folder postgresql in appdata --> C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\postgresql\pgpass.conf.

  • I added that file as a system variable PGPASSFILE (Source1 and Source2).

That did not change anything either.

Cholud I do some editting in REDEDIT? Source3

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I'm not sure what I did, but I have the service running now. I guess it is a combination of little of everything

  • Open CMD as administrator

  • browse to pgagent.exe

    • cd C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\pgAgent\bin
  • Remove the pgAgent service (if pgAgent service is installed, but does not work)

    • pgAgent REMOVE pgAgent
  • Then I installed the service again.

    • pgAgent INSTALL pgAgent -u WindowsUser -p WindowsPassword hostaddr= dbname=postgres user=postgres password=postgePassword
  • (Not sure if the following steps are needed but) Open Windows services

  • There you can confirm the windows account that runs the service.

  • open up pgpass.conf in %APPDATA/postgresql and add the line

  • add pgpass.conf as system variable PGPASSFILE

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