I am trying to backup some tables with the built in mysqldump function from MariaDb version 10.4. My tables all have a column called insertDateTime with a timestamp in the form of 2019-09-11 12:00:00

Querying one of my tables with the simple statement:

select * from account where insertDateTime < '2019-08-13 18:00:00'

will return a set of rows where that condition matches. However when I run the following code in command prompt no rows are returned in my dumped sql file.

cd c:\Backup_Location

"C:\Program Files\MariaDB 10.4\bin\mysqldump.exe" -u root -p password database account > account.sql --where="insertDateTime < '2019-08-13 18:00:00'"

I have been wracking my brain on why these two statements should return different amounts of rows but am unable to figure out why. Does anyone know why this would be.

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  • yup it was due to time zones. I did not know that they adjusted all timestamps to greenwich mean time – Matthew Singer Sep 11 at 18:31
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    You could write that up as an answer - may help future posters? No points for answering your own question though! :-( - p.s. welcome to the forum! :-) – Vérace Sep 11 at 18:45

Put the options first. That is, all parameters that start with - or -- before the non-option parameters (database account) and redirection (> ... or < ...)

If that does not suffice, then remember that the command line processor is handling the first level of quotes, so change to

"--where=insertDateTime < '2019-08-13 18:00:00'"

(but I am not confident that this will help)

The quotes are to deal with spaces that are not separators -- as in the middle of the path or the 'where' expression.

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