I am trying to import mysql tables and data (on a remote server), to sql server local database. I have exported data from mysql workbench and saved them as .txt and then imported flat text files into sql server. But I am only able to import 2 tables so far. I am getting errors when importing other tables (data type conversion errors).

So, Ii am now trying to use ssma for mysql. I have connected to the local sql server but I dont know how to connect to the Mysql server, which I am connecting to via putty ssh tunnel and using workbench to access the database. I dont know how to give the connection string in mysql server connection in ssma for mysql

Any help would be appreciated

  • Create MySQL query which takes a table row and builds correct query text (INSERT INTO .. VALUES) for inserting the data into SQL Server table. Execute it saving the result into a file. Get it and execute on SQL Server... Or look at connectionstrings.com/mysql and try to build the connection string and connect. – Akina Sep 12 at 12:26

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