I am attempting to pull ids of records where attribute a is the same, but attribute b has at least 1 record that does not have a match. The db has >1million records so the statement cannot be absolute but has to change with the data.

i.e in the below I want the result to return id 1, 2 and 3 because a is equal and b is not equal in all instances, and return id 4 and 5

ID   A   B

1    y   t
2    y   m
3    y   t
4    z   r
5    z   f
6    q   c

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This could be a way:

    t t1
where exists (select 1
              from   t t2
              where  t2.A = t1.A
                     and t2.B <> t1.B)
order by

It could be read as: Give me all ID's if exists another row with same A and different B.

| id |
| -: |
|  1 |
|  2 |
|  3 |
|  4 |
|  5 |

db<>fiddle here

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