I am planning to migrate my 300GB RDS PostgreSql database to Aurora MySql using SCT and DMS. RDS Postgresql is in seven regions in current setup. Datapipelines are used to ingest data in these instances and keep them in sync. I was thinking that once I create global database in one region, I will be able to add secondary instances in six other regions. But, I read that global instances support just one additional secondary region.

The only relevant benefits for global database from the docs are:

  • Having an additional secondary instance will have faster replication compared to having a read replica.
  • Faster disaster recovery as the secondary instance can be promoted to primary under a minute.

Now I am wondering what is the difference between:

  1. Having a Aurora global database in one region with writer and reader, adding a secondary region, adding five read replicas(from primary or secondary)

  2. Having a Aurora regional database (with a writer and reader) and adding six read replicas.

  • Did you ever find the answer to this, I'm wondering the same? Overall what are the advantages of using a global database as opposed to creating a read replica in another region. – Ashaman Kingpin Nov 1 '19 at 11:54

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