I have a 'notifications' table with a column 'dest_user_id_arr' as json with the following value:

id                     dest_user_id_arr
1                      {"users":[83,84,85]}
2                      {"users":[89,83,92]}
3                      {"users":[87,88,83]}

I would like to select those id where user is 83.

  • Please tag your PostgreSQL version. Is it a JSON or a JSONB column? – McNets Sep 18 '19 at 13:44

If the type is jsonb, Use the jsonb containment operator:

SELECT * FROM notifications n WHERE dest_user_id_arr @> '{"users":[83]}';

If the type is json or text, either change it to jsonb, or (if you don't care about performance) dynamically cast it.

SELECT * FROM notifications n WHERE dest_user_id_arr::jsonb @> '{"users":[83]}';

IF column is json:

  FROM notifications n
  WHERE json_array_elements(n.dest_user_id_arr->'users') = 83;

If column is jsonb:

  FROM notifications n
  WHERE jsonb_array_elements(n.dest_user_id_arr->'users') = 83;
  • "ERROR: set-returning functions are not allowed in WHERE" – jjanes Sep 18 '19 at 17:19

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