I need to create an AAD user for a Windows security group that was recently synchronised with Azure AD. This security group has spaces in its name.

I am using the below SQL script but it keeps failing because of the spaces:

Create user [security group name@xyz.com] from external provider;

If I look for this group under active directory in portal, I don’t see its corresponding UPN. Does it mean that all accounts sourced from on-premise do not contain UPN?

  • [<domainname>\<loginname>] cannot be used while creating the AAD user for a azure database – deepak Sep 19 at 5:48
  • What is the exact error? Are you sure that your group type is Mail enabled security? – Paweł Tajs Sep 20 at 10:15
  • How do you provide access to a security group in Sql azure database? – deepak Sep 25 at 7:45

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