I have configured Logical replication between two Postgres Databases using pglogical.

I have a table that does not have a primary key on the target database. So I first delete all rows and then run the below command:

select pglogical.alter_subscription_resynchronize_table('gds_sandbox_uat_rds_pg10_subscriber','pgbench_history');

However, I delete the data again and this time add the primary key and try to rerun the resync but I run into the error:

ERROR:  table test_snadbox.pgbench_history is already being synchronized

However, the number of rows on the table is 0:

=> select count(*) from pgbench_history;



I have tried disabling and then enabling the replication, rerun the resync command multiple times, checked the logs but could not get rid of it.

Any suggestions or solutions?

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