Making a master-master cluster is easy, as is replicating one of the master nodes to a read only slave. As is replicating that RO slave to other slaves.

But, of course if the master node which controls replication dies, then the slaves get out of sync while the other two master nodes keep the application running.

Thus: wow do you keep the replicated RO cluster in sync with the master-master cluster so that the RO replicas stay in sync even if one or more of the masters die?

This is the goal:

+-------------+         +-------------+
|    RW-1     |         |    RO-1     |
|    /  \     |  ---->  |    /  \     |
| RW-2 - RW-3 |         | RO-2 - RO-3 |
+-------------+         +-------------+

To throw a wrench in, the databases will be in Kubernetes containers running in Azure.

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