I would like to create a function to validate a field from an import table and ensure the field is in 'DateTime' format. I am not entirely sure how to do this and would appreciate any help?

Function Name: val_datetime
Field: Created Date
Format: dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss

Thank you for any help.


Try something like:

to_timestamp('21/12/2008 12:34:23','dd/mm/yyyy HH:MI:SS')

I assume you want to catch any exception and return null instead, so something like:

create or replace function my_to_timestamp(arg text)
returns timestamp language plpgsql
as $$
        return to_timestamp(arg, 'dd/mm/yyyy HH:MI:SS');
    exception when others then
        return null;
end $$;


postgres=# select my_to_timestamp('21/12/2008 12:34:14');
 2008-12-21 00:34:14
(1 row)

postgres=# select my_to_timestamp('21/12/2008 12:x:14');

(1 row)

You can find all valid/invalid rows as:

with t(s) as ( values ('21/12/2008 12:34:14')
                    , ('21/12/2008 12:Tx:14')
select s from T
where my_to_timestamp(s) is [not] null;
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