I'm trying to build an Instant Messaging functionality in my app as part a bigger project.

  • Chats can have more than 2 participants (group chats)
  • If participant A delete a message, it still should be visible to participant B (that's why I used the Message Participants table)
  • Same applies to Conversation.
  • By same logic, if all participants delete the conversation/message, it should be erased from DB.


Questions :

  1. I'm afraid that this schema is too cumbersome, meaning that the queries will be too slow once the app gets certain traffic mark (1k active users ? I'm guessing)

  2. Message Participants will have multiple records for each message - one for each participants in the chat. Instant Messaging means it will involve those writes with very tight timings. Wouldn't that be a problem?

  3. Should I add a layer of Redis DB, to manage a chat's active session's messaging? it will store the recent messages, and actively sync the PostgreSQL db with those messages (perhaps with Async transactions functionality that postgresql has?)

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