I have a table with monthly partitions on it. I was asked to change those monthly partitions to daily partitions. For that, can I do even if the data exists ? What prerequisites do I need to take care. I have never worked on partitions. Please help me. The existing partitions on the table are as

PT_20190831_M,PT_20190930_M, PT_20191031_M etc.

which has definition TO_DATE(' 2019-08-31 23:59:59', 'SYYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS', 'NLS_CALENDAR=GREGORIAN').

And these are Range partitions.


Sure, it is called splitting a partition.

Splitting a Partition of a Range-Partitioned Table

The below example (taken from the above URL) creates a table with quarterly partitions, then splits a quarter into monthly partitions:

 (prod_id       NUMBER(6),
  cust_id       NUMBER,
  time_id       DATE,
  channel_id    CHAR(1),
  promo_id      NUMBER(6),
  quantity_sold NUMBER(3),
  amount_sold   NUMBER(10,2)
  (PARTITION sales_q1_2016 VALUES LESS THAN (TO_DATE('01-APR-2016','dd-MON-yyyy')),
   PARTITION sales_q2_2016 VALUES LESS THAN (TO_DATE('01-JUL-2016','dd-MON-yyyy')),
   PARTITION sales_q3_2016 VALUES LESS THAN (TO_DATE('01-OCT-2016','dd-MON-yyyy')),
   PARTITION sales_q4_2016 VALUES LESS THAN (TO_DATE('01-JAN-2017','dd-MON-yyyy')) 

  SPLIT PARTITION sales_q4_2016 INTO
  (PARTITION sales_oct_2016 VALUES LESS THAN (TO_DATE('01-NOV-2016','dd-MON-yyyy')),
   PARTITION sales_nov_2016 VALUES LESS THAN (TO_DATE('01-DEC-2016','dd-MON-yyyy')),
   PARTITION sales_dec_2016

You can use the same concept for splitting monthly partitions to daily partitions.

  • Thanks for the detailed script. Will do in the same format. Thanks once again – Swetha Oct 2 '19 at 19:43
  • Am getting the below Error when am trying to convert into daily partition - ORA-14805: last resulting partition cannot contain bounds 14805. 00000 - "last resulting partition cannot contain bounds" *Cause: An ALTER TABLE SPLIT PARTITION contained a description for the last partition which included the bounds. *Action: Do not specify bounds for the last resulting partition. – Swetha Oct 3 '19 at 18:58

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