I have a stored procedure as follows, how should I add index for it?CREATE

DEFINER=`root`@`%` PROCEDURE `SelectUsage4`(

      IN p_ids MEDIUMTEXT
    , IN p_locationIDs MEDIUMTEXT
    , IN p_indicatorIDs MEDIUMTEXT
    , IN p_fromDate date
    , IN p_toDate date
    , IN p_yearly tinyint(4)
    , IN p_monthly tinyint(4)
    , IN p_halfYear1 tinyint(4)
    , IN p_halfYear2 tinyint(4)
    , IN p_fourMonths1 tinyint(4)
    , IN p_fourMonths2 tinyint(4)
    , IN p_fourMonths3 tinyint(4)
    , IN p_q1 tinyint(4)
    , IN p_q2 tinyint(4)
    , IN p_q3 tinyint(4)
    , IN p_q4 tinyint(4)
    , IN p_biMonthly1 tinyint(4)
    , IN p_biMonthly2 tinyint(4)
    , IN p_biMonthly3 tinyint(4)
    , IN p_biMonthly4 tinyint(4)
    , IN p_biMonthly5 tinyint(4)
    , IN p_biMonthly6 tinyint(4)
    , IN p_approvalStatus int(11)
    , IN p_language nvarchar(10)
        `usage` as u        
        u.IsDeleted = 0
        and (
            (p_fromDate is null and p_toDate is null)
                p_fromDate is not null and p_toDate is not null
                DATE(CONCAT(convert(u.`Year`, char(4)), '-', convert(u.`Month`, char(2)), '-1')) between p_fromDate and p_toDate
                p_fromDate is not null and p_toDate is not null
                u.`Month` is null
                u.`Year` between Year(p_fromDate) and Year(p_toDate)
        and (p_yearly is null or (p_yearly is not null and p_yearly = 1 and u.`Month` is null) or (p_yearly is not null and p_yearly = 0 and u.`Month` is not null))
        and (p_monthly is null or (p_monthly is not null and p_monthly = 1 and u.`Month` is not null))
        and (p_ids is null or FIND_IN_SET(u.id, p_ids))
        and (p_locationIDs is null or FIND_IN_SET(u.LocationID, p_locationIDs))
        and (p_indicatorIDs is null or FIND_IN_SET(u.IndicatorID, p_indicatorIDs))

               (p_halfYear1 is null or u.HalfYear1 = p_halfYear1)
            or (p_halfYear2 is null or u.HalfYear2 = p_halfYear2)
               (p_fourMonths1 is null or u.FourMonths1 = p_fourMonths1)
            or (p_fourMonths2 is null or u.FourMonths2 = p_fourMonths2)
            or (p_fourMonths3 is null or u.FourMonths3 = p_fourMonths3)
               (p_q1 is null or u.Q1 = p_q1)
            or (p_q2 is null or u.Q2 = p_q2)
            or (p_q3 is null or u.Q3 = p_q3)
            or (p_q4 is null or u.Q4 = p_q4)
               (p_biMonthly1 is null or u.BiMonthly1 = p_biMonthly1)
            or (p_biMonthly2 is null or u.BiMonthly2 = p_biMonthly2)
            or (p_biMonthly3 is null or u.BiMonthly3 = p_biMonthly3)
            or (p_biMonthly4 is null or u.BiMonthly4 = p_biMonthly4)
            or (p_biMonthly5 is null or u.BiMonthly5 = p_biMonthly5)
            or (p_biMonthly6 is null or u.BiMonthly6 = p_biMonthly6)



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