We are planing to migrate an on-premises SQL Server db to AWS RDS SQL Server. My only concern is how can I create a linked server from AWS RDS SQL Server to on-premises SQL Server db? Is it possible? I am checking it because there are many views using linked server to other on-premises dbs.


SQL Server linked servers only work from RDS to RDS & EC2 instances within a single VPC. You cannot create linked servers from RDS to your on premises data center, nor any other instance that lives outside that VPC.

You should be able to create a linked server FROM your on premises TO RDS, just not the other way around.

Things change quickly in the cloud, and at some point, AWS may be able to ease this restriction, but as of now, those linked servers will be a problem if you want to migrate that instance to RDS.

  • Thanks. I got the answer now. Much appreciate your help. – Khoa Oct 8 at 4:34

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