I have a scenario in which I only insert documents to the MongoDB database. I'm aware that by default, once 5% of WiredTiger memory pages are dirty, MongoDB would start evicting the dirty pages. In my scenario, the client attempt to insert in a much higher rate than the eviction process can flush the data to the disk and clear the dirty pages. Once there are 20% of dirty pages, the the latency increased significantly, and occasionally, the client reaches timeout before it gets the response from MongoDB server.

I think that if I reduce the eviction dirty trigger from 20% to zero (or almost zero), the entire process would slow down the the rate that the system can handle without reaching timeouts and without penalty on the total time that requires to insert the data to the database.

Is there a way to control "eviction dirty target" and "eviction dirty trigger" from the server side? In Mongodb cocs I only found how to set "wiredTigerCacheSizeGB"

I'm using MongoDB v4.0.12

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