A user's AD account keeps being locked out. The latest idea from colleagues is that their username and password is hard-coded in some database in the instance (a stored procedure for example).

  1. Is this possible?
  2. How would I search the instance for where this could be?
  • This answer on SO probably gives what you're looking for. – LowlyDBA Oct 9 at 17:10

If it's in the text of a proc/function you could use the easy and free to use third party plugin of redgate: SQL Search, there are also ways to do this with TSQL, see answer on stackexchange searching through procedures

However, very likely your proc will fetch the value from a table that stores it, so the proc doesn't have to be hard coded. If you want to search through a bunch of columns at the same time, this link might be useful to you:
Finding string in different tables


To generate a script that you could search through with all database objects/code: Right click on DB > Tasks > Generate Scripts > Next on Intro screen > On Choose objects screen tick 'Select specific database objects' and tick the objects you want to search > On Set Scripting Options Screen, select 'Save to new query window' > Summary Screen - click Next > click finish.

You can now do a Control + F to search through all of the scripts to find your username/password.

It is also possible to use this method to include the data values in the script, though this could be a huge script depending on the size of your database. To do this, on the 'Set Scripting Options' screen, click advanced > then change 'Types of data to script' to schema and data.


What kind of database are you running?

If it's an Oracle Database than you can do a SQL Query on dba_source/all_source and do:

  FROM dba_source ds
WHERE ds.TEXT LIKE '%Username%'

For Microsoft Database you would do:

    OBJECT_DEFINITION(object_id) LIKE '%Username%'

I had a query that would run through every schema/database on a server looking for this information, because what I was looking for might not be in my database, but I'll have to dig it up if you need more than the above.

The first query I remembered, the second I took from here: https://www.mytecbits.com/microsoft/sql-server/search-find-stored-procedure

Good luck!!

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