Trying here, without success change the storage location of Zoneminder events and images, but having trouble with denied access of www-data user, despite have already changed both Zoneminder config and destination directory.

Now seeking here in phpMyAdmin if it could be some sort of database error, once Zoneminder error log acuses zero disk space, even with something about 400Gb free.

My tryout now is change manualy the DiskSpace column in phpMyAdmin, once it could be had been determinated during installation and now it kind of stuck.

Need to know which is the unit used in DiskSpace column, once it acuses the value of 59289474877 and Storage tab in Zoneminder shows 310.4GB of 365.68GB value.


59289474877 Bytes => 55.21 GByte .. pretty much the difference between 365.68 and 310.4

so the unit is Bytes if that helps..

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