I want only the table definitions, not wiews nor functions.

I have a schema named "cvp". I try:

    pg_dump --schema-only -n cvp -t 'cvp.*' --format plain

And I get:

pg_dump: No matching tables were found

I try also without -n cvp or changing -t to -t *.* -t cvp.

I'am using PostgreSQL 11.


I've just tried this:

pg_dump -s -t test.* -d test

It nicely exported all table definitions, as expected. -s is the same as --schema-only.

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  • But it also dumps the views. – jjanes Oct 9 '19 at 16:47
  • My problem was other. I put the -t test.* in a variable in windows. Then when I use it wihtout single-quotes it expands to files in the file system. When I use it with single quotes -t 'test.*' it does not works and say me pg_dump: No matching tables were found – Emilio Platzer Oct 9 '19 at 17:17

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