We have vehicle/equipment repair workshops located at different places, these workshops send a monthly report in a standard format in MS Word file (attached a sample copy)to the headquarter(HQ). The HQ then compiles and merge data inside these MS Word file into a single MS Word File (same standard format) and further sends to next HQ in the chain and this process continues. Since this is a manual process and time consuming and also prone to human error while compiling data, it's better to automate this process which will also help in doing analysis.

I have started developing the web-based application using .Net, MSAccess database, currently doing the role-based login module. But I am facing difficulty in following things

  1. Creating the database due to the complexity of the standard format as it has multiple tables with same fields(Sl.No, Type of Eqpt, BBF etc) for different category of vehicle/Eqpt and further the type of Eqpt contains a unique value for that category of veh/eqpt and further do totalling.
  2. Once the database is created how can I create a form such that all the values for these different tables shown in MS Word file gets submitted in single form SAmonly rather than creating multiple forms for different tables which will be not user friendly.
  3. Once the workshops submits the form for that particular month, then the HQ should be able to merge the data and generate report


Sample copy of word file

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