When I run the Database Consistency History report using MSSM I get an error message:

unable to retrieve data for this section of the report. Following error occured Msg 19050, Level 16, State 5 Trace file name '/var/opt/mmsql/log/log_86866.trc\log.trc' is invalid

I re ran DBBCC CHECKDB but it did not help.

When I run

SELECT tracefilename = path FROM sys.traces 
WHERE is_default = 1;

I get the tracefilename returned as


And if I re-run the Database Consistency History the tracefilename is now

'/var/opt/mmsql/log/log_87148.trc\log.trc' is invalid
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    What is returned when you run this SELECT tracefilename = path FROM sys.traces WHERE is_default = 1;? Or you could try running the query that ssms executes manually. See here – Randi Vertongen Oct 11 '19 at 7:05
  • @RandiVertongen Thank you, I updated the question. – kirsten g Oct 11 '19 at 22:35
  • It's as if the report is looking for the wrong name – kirsten g Oct 11 '19 at 22:37

This is a limitation in SSMS. This report does not properly support Linux, as the script is performing path manipulation using '\', which is the Windows path seperator.

This is a snippet of code run for that report:

select @curr_tracefilename = path from sys.traces where is_default = 1 ; 
set @curr_tracefilename = reverse(@curr_tracefilename); 
select @indx  = PATINDEX(''%\%'', @curr_tracefilename) ;  
set @curr_tracefilename = reverse(@curr_tracefilename); 
set @base_tracefilename = left( @curr_tracefilename,len(@curr_tracefilename) - @indx) + ''\log.trc'' ; 

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