I am creating a GraphQL API using Node.js, which foces me to return all the field names in camelCase.

In my PostgreSQL database, I currently have all my columns named following a camelCase convention, but I am thinking: is that the best idea?

Should I use snake_case in the database columns and convert them in the back-end?


Use lower case in Postgres. Postgres folds identifiers to lowercase, unless you double-quote your identifiers. To make Postgres operations easier, use lower_snake. If you need to bind to an API, etc, you can create a view with “CamelCase” aliases. For example, we do this with data stored in Postgres that is pulled by Domo.

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  • yeah, camelCase will likely cause pain, use snake_case or just lowercase and alias the columns in any queries where the column name matters – Jasen Dec 29 '19 at 22:13

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