I'm trying to figure out why this query:

SELECT * FROM sys.server_principals WHERE sid = SUSER_SID('Domain\User') OR name = 'Domain\User'

Does not return results for one specific user? At the same time if I remove/comment out WHERE clause I can see that SELECT Domain\User... I've tried to remove and re-add this user under SQL Server > Security > Logins - but it does not help. Can someone indicate what can be wrong here? User name contains non-Latin characters, but no special characters.

  • Has this UserName 'special' characters?
    – McNets
    Oct 13, 2019 at 17:04

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Tried your query, worked fine for me.. only thing I can think about for you is try adding N to the 'Domain\User' in your case:

SELECT * FROM sys.server_principals WHERE sid = SUSER_SID(N'Domain\User') OR name = N'Domain\User'
  • Thanks that query works if I add N' but problem here is that it gets built by installation wizard of application which fails because of that... And it happens only for one specific account...
    – Mikhail
    Oct 13, 2019 at 16:58

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