For some reason I cant get used to the pgadmin 4 in web version. I found it very slow. For thing I want do fast I rather have pgadmin 3 even if that mean work with previous version of postgres.

So what was the last version of postgres with pgadmin 3?


According to the pgAdmin download page, that would be 9.5.

Don't select your database version based on a client GUI. PostgreSQL 9.5 will go out of support in about a year. Start using psql, it is included with PostgreSQL and much more powerful.

If you insist on a GUI, have a look at the Wiki page listing client tools.


While you may be strongly discouraged from continuing to use pgAdmin 3, there's nothing stopping you if you really want to use it. Below you will see pgAdmin 3 connected to a postgresql 12 instance.

pgAdmin 3 connected to postgresql 12

Note however, that you're very much doing this at your own risk, you're going to have to click through a lot of error messages when running in an unsupported setup like this.

Some pretty obvious in retrospect...

computer says no. but does it mean it? xlog is wal, wal is xlog

Some just annoying...

error spam error error spam spam error error error spam spam spam

In general I find a lot of these errors stem from breaking-change updates to the system catalogs between 9.* and 10+. Whether or not they're deal breakers to using this configuration is left to you. If you do decide to press ahead and try to use this setup, there will be a lot of heartache (for example, pgAdmin 3 as provided just won't run on macOS Catalina, end of discussion).

Around these parts you will hear a lot of the "just use psql" line. I use psql and I love it. But sometimes it's nice to have a GUI. I use pgAdmin 4 and I have a love-hate relationship with it. The pgAdmin line has been "meta-stable" IMO for quite some time and I imagine it will remain so for all but the most power-users for at least a bit.

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