A variety of vendors provide SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) Add-Ins, such as Red Gate's SQL Prompt and the SSMS Tools Pack.

Is there a way in SSMS to control or configure these add-ins (enable/disable, install/uninstall)?

Is there an add-in or plug-in manager?

If not, is there another way to review and control them?

An old Stack Overflow question references some registry keys, but they appear to be relevant only to a 2008 version of SSMS. They aren't present on my system. Another answer references some folders, but only one of them exists on my system (ProgramData\Application Data\Microsoft\MSEnvShared\Addins) and it has only one of several installed add-ins (Sentry One Plan Explorer).

Other keywords: addin manager, addon manager, add-on manager, plugin manager, plug-in manager, extension manager

  • Fun fact: SSMS doesn't technically support add-ins... (So no fancy management UIs.) I'm not sure if there's a secret handshake you can do in the registry, but nothing "official" – AMtwo Oct 14 '19 at 23:40

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