Sql query to Clear existing email addresses from table.

please I need help

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I see at least 2 variants .. but you give very little information - even your goal is not obvious.

1) remove email-column

ALTER TABLE "table_name" DROP "column_name";

2) delete email-addresses [ with restriction to a specific address

UPDATE "table_name" SET email_address=null [ WHERE email_address='jane.doe@example.com']
  • thank for the reply.there are 4 different email address fields Email_fax, Email_num, Email2, email_add3. so for all of them i have to do same queries ? there are numbers of different email addresses and all of them need to be clear. – ajay Oct 15 at 15:29
  • you can include those in the update statement .. it allows changing of more than one column ... but needs some work in the where part as well >where column1=x or column2=x or column3=x ... in that pattern – eagle275 Oct 17 at 6:53

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