I have high availability enabled with two servers and when trying to restore a database I realised I had to un-synchronize the database and then remove it from the availability group.

I use Ola Hallagrens maintenance solution. Is there something I can amend with Ola's script to automatically remove DB from availability group when I run the restore job or is there a script already available, or simply not do-able?


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    How are you restoring a DB using Ola's scripts? – scsimon Oct 16 '19 at 13:13

I think you need to revise your question with clarity:

Olas scripts meant for following, not for restoring database.

  1. Backup
  2. DBCC - Integrity Check
  3. Maintenance - Index and Statistics

Aside from this, you cannot DROP or RESTORE a database while it's part of Availability Group. You can remove a database from availability group with following commands:

PRIMARY Replica:

ALTER AVAILABILITY GROUP AGName remove database DatabaseName;


ALTER database DatabaseName set HADR OFF;
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