CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[GetFruitName]
@quantity int
          SET NOCOUNT ON;

         INSERT INTO Table1(fname,fprice,quantity)
          SELECT f.name,f.price from table2 f,@quantity


but am unable to pass @quantity

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    What is your question? – HandyD Oct 17 at 5:58
  • In addition to asking a question, add the expected results. If the syntax error in the non-working code if corrected, the proc will duplicate all existing rows in the table with the new quantity, It is unclear if that's your intent. – Dan Guzman Oct 17 at 11:00

if @quantity is a "variable" .. I hear "input parameter" to the stored procedure ... then add it to the definition ..


CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[GetFruitName] @quantity int

INSERT INTO table1(fname,fprice,quantity)
   SELECT f.name,f.price, @quantity 
      FROM Table2 as f


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