I have two tables 1:n relationship, customer to orders the schema is in the http://sqlfiddle.com/#!9/a6842e/1 I have created.

The key in customer is composite id and type. I am trying to get the email address from the customer table where the order_id is = 2

So the query is:

SELECT email FROM customer c, orders o WHERE o.custId = c.id AND o.id = 2

This is returning two rows even though I specified o.id = 2

Here's a fiddle

How to get just the email where o.id = 2 and that rows foreign key = primary key of customer table.

Any help appreciated.

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    Your schema doesn't make a whole lot of sense, unfortunately. Firstly, you have multiple customers linked to the same order. Secondly, since custId does not uniquely identify a customer (it's missing a type), you can't use it as a foreign key (which would have been obvious if you actually tried to declare it). Rethink your data model. – mustaccio Oct 18 '19 at 23:37
  • @mustaccio thank you for the suggestions, yes you're right about the multiple customers with same order this as a rushed fiddle I have an updated one here sqlfiddle.com/#!9/5162e8/1 my question essentially is why are two rows returning when the o.id is specified as 1. Cheers – Abu Nooh Oct 19 '19 at 12:32

if we tried to simplify the query: SELECT email FROM customer c, orders o WHERE o.custId = c.id AND o.id = 2 we will get the following: 1- Get o.id = 2 and that will return (2, 1) row (the command will return only two, I have pasted the whole raw to pinpoint the row).
2- now let us search for custId from the result of point one (the result will be 1).
3- now the command will return email address where the custId=1

  (1, 'G','test1@mail.com'),
  (1, 'R','test3@mail.com'),

after filteration it will be test1@mail.com and test3@mail.com

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