We are getting error messages from our SQL-server when we run a stored procedure to increase a counter. This SP is executed many times for different entities but when executed for a shipment-number from GLS we sometimes get:

"Cannot create new transaction because capacity was exceeded"

The SP is executed with a separate username to exclude it from the transaction(s) the user is in.

What causes this error message?

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    Are you calling this SP from an external app? – McNets Oct 21 at 14:51
  • Yes. The SP is called from a XPA-application but with a different logon. Also the SP is opening a separate transaction and closes it after the job is done. – Florian Oct 22 at 13:02

What Edition of SQL Server are you using?

Judging from what I see out there, it seems that This is an ADO / OLEDB problem not a SQL-Server one. Even though you are exceeding the transaction capacity of SQL Server, it is actually the application not closing the connection the root problem.

One suggestion I saw is to run SQL profiler, and look into how many connections are opened in your application (that would be in General Statistics - User Connections)

Another suggestion is to look into the possibility of an endless loop creating a nested transaction. According to this document, SQL Server has a practical limit of 4,294,967,296 nested transactions. That number is never reached when doing things right, but if you are stuck on an endless loop that creates a transaction inside another one, this could cause some errors.

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