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I am having a billing table like as above.

I need to get a billing age wise report by using distinct of Branch, UserId, Customer, BillType.

I need to wirte a Stored procedure for getting the following result.

How to write a query for this

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    Hello. How far have you got with writing the query yourself? Can you please post what you have so far? – Philᵀᴹ Oct 21 at 19:50
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You'll want to check out the datediff function, see below example.

select branch, 
       case when datediff(d,billdate,getdate()) >= 0 and datediff(d,billdate,getdate()) <= 30 then billingamount else 0 end [0 - 30 days],
       case when datediff(d,billdate,getdate()) >= 31 and datediff(d,billdate,getdate()) <= 60 then billingamount else 0 end [31 - 60 days],
       case when datediff(d,billdate,getdate()) >= 61 and datediff(d,billdate,getdate()) <= 90 then billingamount else 0 end [61 - 90 days],
       case when datediff(d,billdate,getdate()) >= 91 and datediff(d,billdate,getdate()) <= 120 then billingamount else 0 end [91 - 120 days],
       case when datediff(d,billdate,getdate()) >= 121 then billingamount else 0 end [121+ days],
       billingamount as total
  from #test

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