d.name AS "ID:Link/Demo Request:120",    
d.requester_name AS "Requester Name:Data:190",    
d.customer_name AS "Customer Name:Data:250",    
d.date_of_request AS "Date Of Request:Date:120",    
d.tentative_date_of_return AS "Tentative Date Of Return:Date:170",    
d.material_sent_from_location AS "Material Sent From Location:Data:190",    
d.delivery_note AS "Delivery Note:Data:100",    
d.material_status AS "Material Status:Data:120",    
d.product_supplied_condition AS "Product Supplied Condition:Data:150",    
d.courier_service AS "Courier Service:Data:120",    
d.shipped_date_from_rahi AS "Shipped Date From Rahi:Date:120",    
d.tracking_no AS "Tracking No:Data:120",    
DATEDIFF(now(),d.tentative_date_of_return) AS "No Of Days:Data:100"

`tabDemo Request` as d

d.material_status not like "Recieved From Customer"    
DATEDIFF(now(),d.tentative_date_of_return) <= now() + 3

ORDER BY d.tentative_date_of_return ASC
  • What is the datatype of tentative_date_of_return? – Rick James Oct 23 '19 at 5:05
  • AND DATEDIFF(now(),d.tentative_date_of_return) <= now() + 3 DATEDIFF gives you a small INTEGER as a difference. You try to compare it with expression. In this expression the datetime of NOW is converted into DECIMAL with the value over 2*10^14 for addition (see Conversion Between Date and Time Types). So the result will be always TRUE. – Akina Oct 23 '19 at 5:36

You want

AND d.tentative_date_of_return <= CURDATE() + INTERVAL 3 DAY

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