what is the immediate action to be taken from a Mongodb dba when we come to know our data is compromised or open to public without our knowledge. what are the actions to be taken immediately so that we dont damage more of our client data which is the must most important?

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  • Voting to close as 'tip of the iceberg'. I think that phrase was made for a question like this. Good luck with your breach Manu. – LowlyDBA Oct 24 at 14:18
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    Talk to your legal department. Also, look around if there is anything you can do to strengthen your security. – dezso Oct 24 at 14:25
  • Reading this and similar questions on Information Security might be helpful. – mustaccio Oct 24 at 14:37
  • Step 1: remove DB from public access. – Michael Green Oct 25 at 4:47
  • Once this is done, you should codify such a policy so that you're not scrambling around for one in an emergency situation. You should have had this policy in place before your DB was connected to the internet. – Lightness Races with Monica Nov 1 at 16:32

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