I have a mysql database with a macaddress column, this contains thousands of mac addresses in various formats; uppercase, lowercase and with colons. See below for an example;

| macaddress        |
| 90CCAADD3341      |
| 90:3f:ff:11:22:33 |
| 33:44:aa:bb:34:6a |
| 8801abcd3231      |

Is there any way I can bulk update all rows in this column so they are in the same format?

I'd like them all to be uppercase with no colons, see below;

| macaddress   |
| 90CCAADD3341 |
| 903FFF112233 |
| 3344AABB346A |
| 8801ABCD3231 |

How can I achieve this?


Test select:

select macaddress, upper(replace(macaddress,':','')) as new_macaddress
from Macs;


update macs
set macaddress = upper(replace(macaddress,':',''));


Test data:

create table macs
macaddress varchar(20)

insert into macs values('90CCAADD3341');

insert into macs values('90:3f:ff:11:22:33');

insert into macs values('33:44:aa:bb:34:6a');

insert into macs values('8801abcd3231');

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