I have node instance running in e2e where my database in mongodb is also created. I am saving live images because of which i'm running out of space very fast. I need a solution suggesting as how i can store the images only in hostgator and the database remains in e2e, but i can view the images through some link that points to hostgator.

I tried giving the hardcoded IP address of the other node instance for testing but even that din't work.

if(!fs.existsSync((path to other e2e instance)/test/${req.params.id})) { fs.mkdirSync((path to other e2e instance)/test/${req.params.id}) } cb(null, (path to other e2e instance)/test/${req.params.id}); }

I expect that the images get saved in hostgator instance and database gets created in the e2e.

Thanks in advance.

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