We have SQL Server 2014 SP2 GDR with below:

  1. Availability Groups
  2. TDE enabled for structured data
  3. EFS enabled for unstructured data

Now the DBs are with AOAGs and encrypted , I am planning to upgrade current SQL Server 2014 SP2 GDR to SQL Server 2014 SP3. Can anyone help me with any issues / pre-requisites or anything that can happen adversely.

Though I am planning first upgrade DEVELOPMENT / STAGING , please share your thoughts as I need to upgrade my PROD . I am little worried as the DBs are with TDE + EFS . Does encryption has any linkage with SP3 upgrade.

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  • What exactly are you concerned about? Apply the patch to the secondary(ies), once complete, perform a manual failover, then patch the previous primary node. – John Eisbrener Nov 5 at 15:12

As far as I know, Service Packs on same major version ( 2014 ) does not have any impacts on these features.

  • Thank you @Hessam Boroumand . – SQLBoy Nov 6 at 8:18

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