I have 15000 log backups to restore. Is there a way to optimize the restore performance? Does maxtransfersize buffercount work with restore log? I cannot take differential backup as the source database is not available.

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    We are going to need more information here. What do you mean "not available"? I assume you have a full backup? Was the database online then? How are you taking log backups if the database is not available? How big are the log files? How often do you take log backups. This question needs a lot more information – Tom V - Team Monica Nov 6 at 12:25
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    Is it slow because you have 15K log files to roll through or are each taking longer than you want? How big a duration of time are we talking? That's ~11 days of log files if you take them every 5 minutes. – Jonathan Fite Nov 6 at 13:07