We have one of our development database displaying a number field in the form:

"height": {
   "$numberInt": "72"

instead of the expected form:

"height": 72,

We see this both from the mongo CLI and from a NodeJS application which is connecting to the DB.

The mongodb version is v4.0.12, running on an Ubuntu 16.4 host. We are wondering whether this was a side effect of a database upgrade?

Can anyone suggest how to fix the data to be of the expected form and what may be the source of the issue?

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    Looks like normal MongoDB Extended JSON – mustaccio Nov 6 at 20:09
  • Odd that this doesn't happen with our other DBs? Is there a way to flatten the results to expected form? – Andre M Nov 6 at 22:01
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    That is up to your client software I presume. – mustaccio Nov 6 at 23:34

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