I'm trying to configure tuned using this tutorial

And following it I'm trying to switch to oracle profile:

# tuned-adm profile oracle

Invalid profile. Use 'tuned-adm list' to get all available profiles.

# tuned-adm list
Available profiles:
- desktop-powersave
- spindown-disk
- default
- virtual-guest
- virtual-host
- throughput-performance
- enterprise-storage
- latency-performance
- laptop-battery-powersave
- laptop-ac-powersave
- server-powersave
Current active profile: default

So how to switch to profile that does not exist in the list?

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Looking at tuned-adm oracle's documentation, I've found the next:

oracle A profile optimized for Oracle databases loads based on throughput-performance profile. It additionaly disables transparent huge pages and modifies some other performance related kernel parameters. This profile is provided by tuned-profiles-oracle package. It is available in Red Hat
Enterprise Linux 6.8 and later.

So, the installation of the tuned-profiles-oracle package solved this issue:

# yum install tuned-profiles-oracle

# tuned-adm profile oracle

# tuned-adm active
Current active profile: oracle
Service tuned: enabled, running
Service ktune: enabled, running

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